Join us as a vendor

What is the Cambridge Craft Festival?

Cambridge Craft Festival is an online event that takes place every quarter. We are passionate about sharing the talents and creativity of makers and crafters. At each event we welcome a variety of vendors and invite them to showcase their creations on our website and on our Instagram page. And on the day of the event we have a schedule of Instagram 'Live' sessions featuring all of the makers that want to take part.

How do I Apply for the Next Event?

Please sign up to our newsletter to be notified when the next application window is open

 Apply Again?

Absolutely !

What can I Expect as a Vendor?

If your application is successful, you will get:

  • A slot on our website with links to your online shop
  • A dedicated ‘Meet the Maker’ post on our Instagram account prior to the event
  • If you wish to, the chance to do one of the following below :
  • A 15 minute Live slot on our Instagram account on the day of the event
  • A 15 minute Live Q&A session with Camilla a week before the event
  • An Instagram Take Over on our account before the Event
  • A chance to upgrade to become a ‘Featured Vendor’ with a dedicated page or half page on our website

After the event, your details will remain on our website until the end of 2021, and any Instagram Lives, Q&A’s and Takeovers will remain on our feed permanently.

As with anything, the more you put into the Event, the more you will get out of it. We will encourage you help create a buzz by letting people know you are taking part, sharing our posts and posting lots of pictures of your lovely creations to your Instagram feed. We are active on Instagram and will happily share your posts relating to the Craft Festival to our Instagram Stories in the lead up to the event.

​How Much is it to Take Part?

Our fees for the next event are £15 per vendor and this goes towards admin costs and time it takes to put the event together.

How is the Event Organised?

To stay up to date on the event organisation and for us to keep in touch with you, we will ask that you join us on Slack. Slack is a great space to be able to easily share information and it’s a nice way to meet the other vendors too. Slack is available as both a mobile and desktop app, it’s easy to use and sign-up is free. Don't worry if you are not familiar with the platform as we will send you everything you need so you can join us there.