Cambridge Craft Festival

Join Camilla from Knitting Needle Lane and Jem from Under the Olive Tree Knits on Saturday 4th September 2021 for Cambridge's 2nd online Craft Festival!

The idea behind Cambridge Craft Festival is to help to promote crafters and makers and their handmade businesses.

Behind every small business is someone with a passion for what they do. Owning a small business is not easy and there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes. Small businesses don't have a marketing department, or an IT hotline, or an ever ready stationery cupboard, or a big sales team. Quite often its 1 or 2 people doing everything, and at all hours! 

We want to shout out about these businesses and let them showcase the products that they are passionate about. These aren't mass produced products that you can buy off the shelf or order on Amazon. These are hand crafted, thoughtful products that are as unique as the crafter that makes them.

They say that when you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance. And trust me, we do!

And on 4th September 2021 we will be running a schedule of Instagram Lives throughout the day. This is where you will get to meet some of the vendors and get to know the people behind the crafts and learn more about what they do and their handmade products.

You can support the event by following Cambridge Craft Festival on Instagram and on Facebook

Do You Have a Handmade Business?

If you have a handmade business and are interested in taking part in a future Cambridge Craft Festival, we welcome applications from all over the UK.

Vendor applications for our event in September are NOW OPEN and close on 30th June 2021 fill in a form via this link to apply :